Hello Friendz! It's Mizz KT here, and we have been having the most wonderful start to our summer so far. So far, we have performed almost 10 shows to the families of Middle TN! Can you believe it? The other day, we received a piece of art from one of our friendz, and it was so "unique" that we wanted to sing a song all about it. (And don't worry, Danny, Maddie, AND Lucas are all coming back soon... they're just not used to performing all the time, and need lots of down time for rest). Here are the lyrics:

Like every star in the sky

Like every snowflake that I can spy

There's no one quite like me

Not on the highest of mountains

or deepest of seas.

Unique, Unique,

One of a kind it's true.

Unique, Unique

There's no one in the world who is quite like you.

My eyes, my voice, and my hair

won't be the same anywhere.

And anything I can do

will be a little bit different from you and you!

Unique, Unique

one of a kind it's true

Unique, Unique,

There's no one in the world who is quite like you!

Thanks again so much friendz for always tuning in, and being on this fantabulous journey with us!


Mizz KT

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