I like to Move It and Shake It...

What's up everyone? It's your boy, Danny, the Cat. And man, do we have an amazing video to share with you all today! It's for the song off of our album, Move It and Shake It (available on ITunes, Amazon, and CDBaby). But can you guess the name of the song? That's right! It's Move It and Shake It... oddly enough, we did our "Move It and Shake It" show this morning helping kids learn all about how to take care of yourself... which includes exercise. And I don't know about you, but my favorite kind of exercise (besides fighting that pesky sink monster) is DANCING! In this video, Mizz KT shows you how to do the dance to "Move It and Shake It." Make sure you like the video and share it with all of your friends on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, and all those good places!

Calling ALL Puppeteers!

Hey, do you want to make a puppet like me? Or maybe a sock puppet or even a marionette (that's the puppet with the strings)? YOU CAN! Join us for a very special week June 12-16 from 9am-12pm for our Puppet Making Camp! It's gonna be the MOST fun! Email info@settingthestagenashville.com for more information. You guys stay silly! Love ya lots!

Danny Kaye

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