Make a Puppet: Danny Glove Puppet

Hello Friendz,

As you know, we've been working on our summer extravaganza, The Three Little Pigs: a 1980's Rock Opera. Part of doing this show is not just rehearsing it, but also building new pieces... including new puppets. Although we are still just having Lucas, Maddie, Danny, and myself in the show, we need extras of everyone to make sure that the show runs smoothly. And so, we wanted to show everyone just how our fabulous puppets are made in this segment of "Make a Puppet." In this video, I show everyone just how to make a "Danny, the Cat" Puppet. Why? Why give away my secrets of how to make my sweet Danny? Because ANYONE can make this puppet! The magic of puppets is not just in how they are made, but how YOU bring them to life. That is what makes them so special, is that every puppet has a life of it's own, and YOU are in charge of that.

Danny Puppet Supplies:

1 Long Sheet of Orange Felt

1 Sheet of White Felt

2 Large Googly Eyes (1 inch)

Orange Thread and Needle

Fabric Markers (Black and Brown)

Glue Sticks

Hot Glue Gun

Pink Nail Polish

1. Fold the Long Sheet of Orange Felt. Trace out the body of the puppet on the orange felt, and cut out.

2. Smooth out the rough edges, and make sure that the two sides match up.

3. Sew up the edges, making sure to backstitch around the joints.

4. Cut out all of the white pieces, and glue them down. Glue down the ears from the leftover orange strips.

5. Cut out the paws and glue the edges around the edge of the paws.

6. Glue down the googly eyes

7. Cut little strips down the white triangle on his ears, and pull on them so that they are thinner.

8. Use the fabric markers to draw Danny's Stripes, Claws, and Smile.

And we are having a special summer camp, where all of our friends can learn how to make puppets just like these! Just visit our website for more information! And until next time!

Mizz KT

Here is the sheet to trace and cut out your Danny Puppet:

Stencil for Danny the Cat Glove Puppet

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