Try a little kindness, my friend...

Well Hello There Friendz, It's your boy, Danny, the Cat. And I made a super awesome video this week. You see, our friend Flight Attendant Bennett, who's gonna be on our new TV show on the NECAT network, just came back from working, and with all of these storms, people couldn't get on their airplane to fly. Well... obviously, they got really upset... and some of them were NOT too kind... So, he personally asked me to make up a song and video all about being kind. Mizz KT helped me look up the word kindness in the dictionary, and it said, "Kindness is being friendly, generous, and considerate." Well... I already knew what friendly was. I mean, I'm a super friendly cat and always say hi to the people that I see... and I smile- A LOT! And being generous, I found out, is when you share a lot. And being considerate is being kind about people's feelings. Friendz, if we share a little more kindness in this world, it'll make it a MUCH awesome-er place! Enjoy!

Well, everyone, it's been real! Make sure if you like this video, OR ANY of our videos, to share them on your social media. Right now, we need to spread a little kindness and silliness. Mizz KT likes to share pictures of otters instead of other stuff... why don't you try sharing or posting something that makes you giggle or laugh today? I'm sure it'll make someone smile, and make THEIR world a better place! Until next time!

Danny Kaye

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