Everybody Hates Mondays...

Hello Friendz, I have the last installment from our Fall Semester's Creator's Studio at our home campus of Setting the Stage Performing Arts Studio. This time, it's Megan Glewwe's comedy sketch, "Everybody Hates Monday." Megan plays Monday Gymmies, who just can't stay quiet... even through the most inappropriate times... even a PET'S FUNERAL! See how she handles the funeral of her best friend's cat in this installment:


We love our sister school, Setting the Stage Performing Arts Studio. If you haven't heard, it's a non-profit organization whose mission is to mold the next generation of storytellers who use their gifts in the performing arts to better our community. We have GREAT projects coming up: 1. We are doing the Creator's Studio: Musical Theater Sessions at Smith Springs Elementary School in Antioch, TN, which is a high-risk school. We do this program through the Nashville Area Zone Alliance, who pairs up with other programs in Nashville to bring programs to kids in high-risk areas at little to no cost. The Smith Springs kids have created a musical based on the Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil, and it is the most adorable! 2. We are doing the Creator's Studio: Television Sessions at CASE in Old Hickory, TN, also through the Nashville Area Zone Alliance Program. That will start next week, and we hope to have amazing music videos and comedy sketches to share with you all! 3. We are proud to collaborate with Friends Life, an adult special needs school and program, to put on an entirely adult special needs cast production of High School Musical! We are so proud of our programs and students and our helpers! But how can you help? Well, check out our website http://www.settingthestagenashville.com to find out more. We always need volunteers to help us out when we have projects off campus, AND we always take donations in the form of clothing, props, technology (for our video shoots), or money. For how to donate your physical goods, please email us at info@settingthestagenashville.com or to donate, click here: https://squareup.com/store/settingthestagenashville Thanks Again Friendz!

Mizz KT

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