Goodbye by Madison Hamilton

Let's see what I can do...

Hello Friendz! This is the last installment of music videos for the Fall Creator's Studio Class of 2017, and it's a good one... Madison Hamilton is a bright and talented 6th Grade girl who has been through a lot of change in this past year. And how she coped was by writing a beautiful song to express her feelings. That's part of what Mizz KT and Friendz and Setting the Stage Productions is all about. We love giving our younger friendz an outlet to share their feelings in a constructive way. Here is "Goodbye" by Madison Hamilton:

Remember to check out all of the amazing things that are happening with us this summer! 1. We keep booking shows for our summer tour! Which is the MOST exciting! Please check our calendar on our website to see if we're coming to a city near you: and if we're not, then request us at your local library, school, church, or even book us yourselves for a fun party your young friendz will never forget. Just email us at 2. We are now enrolling for our summer camps, including a PUPPETEERING CAMP! We will be making a new puppet everyday and bringing it to life... along with learning some basic dance and voice! Visit our site: for more info! Thank you so much for continuing on in our journey with us friendz! We love you all more than you'll ever know:)

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