Tail as Old as Time...

Well Hello Friendz! It's me, Lucas, the Dachshund! I tell you what... that is the LAST time that I let Maddie write my posts! She has NO idea which homonyms go where! Obviously, she hasn't listened to our song lately... And speaking of Maddie, she and I and Danny AND Mizz KT saw the new live-action Beauty and the Beast. OH, it was SO magical! The singing and the dancing! I LOVED it. I think my favorite was "Be Our Guest!" It was so fun and beautiful that it made me cry... What was YOUR favorite part? Be sure to leave us a comment below and tell us!!

On that note (literally), Maddie and I were so inspired that we decided to cover the classic song, "Beauty and the Beast." I told her that we were covering Celine Dion and Peebo Bryson... she thinks that we were covering Arianna Grande and John Legend. Can you even imagine? These kids these days, they don't know the oldies;) Anyhoo, please enjoy our version of "Beauty and the Beast," featuring Ralphie, the keytar!

A reminder that we have SO many shows coming up this summer for our first STATE-WIDE TOUR!! Can you believe it? A state-wide tour? We're even going to Milan... which I'm told is a city in Tennessee and NOT just the fashion capital of Italy. You can see all of our tour dates on our website here: http://www.mizzktandfriendz.com/live-shows. Our first show is at the Madison Library on May 31st! Be there or be square! Until next time, dear friendz!


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