Billie Jean, an A Capella Puppet Cover

Well, Hello Friendz! It's me Maddie, the Puggle! And we made a really fun video for you this week! We sang one of Mizz KT's favorite songs by one of her favorite music artists, "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson. But this time, we did it A Capella! That means NO INSTRUMENTS AT ALL! We just used our voices to make this video. Danny, the Cat, of course, was beat-boxing, which means that he was the drums and all of the percussion sounds. Lucas, was the bass line since he has the lowest voice. Mizz KT was pretending to be the piano and synthesizer... since she does love her synthesizers like Raphie (who is part guitar and synthesizer/keyboard). And I, of course, sang the lead vocals, and I think that Michael Jackson would have been proud of what I sang! Check it out, and if you haven't subscribed to our YouTube Channel, make sure to hit that little red button to subscribe.

Also, we have a TOOOON of shows booked for our Three Little Pigs: A 1980's Rock Opera Show this summer. Check out all of our dates on our website here: Hope to see you all at our shows, but instead of bringing me flowers, bring me fruit! Then, I'll be yours forever;) LOOOOOOOOOVE,

Maddie Mai

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