How to Draw a Dog out of the Word Dog!

Well hello dear friendz! It's me, Lucas, the Dachshund, and I just had a special guest on our show. Her name is Katie, and she is a high school art student. She wants to go to college to be an animator and make cartoons! I just LOVE cartoons, don't you? Well, we all saw just how talented she really was when she showed me how to take the word dog and create a dog out of it! Can you even imagine? Words becoming pictures. I thought that could only happen in your imagination. If you need a little more help with your drawing, look after the video, because we have included step by step pictures of how she made the dog. ENJOY!

Thank you so much for tuning in again this week dear friendz! We will be back next week with another FABULOUS video! Toodles!

Lucas, the Dachshund

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