How to Make Healthy Apple Donuts!

Well, hello everyone, it's me, Maddie, the Puggle. And I have a wonderful new video for you! It's all about how to make a healthy and fun snack- APPLE DONUTS! Now, I don't mean the donuts where you take the dough and fry it. GOODNESS NO! That's really delicious, but not that nutritious. No, it's made with real, raw apples! Here's the recipe:

Apples, sliced and cored (to look like donuts)

Cream Cheese

Food Coloring


It's really THAT easy, and if you still need some help, then watch my newest video... in fact, just watch the video anyways. Mizz KT and I got kinda messy, and it's REALLY FUNNY!

Thanks everyone for watching our videos every week! It makes my heart SOOO happy! If you like the video, make sure that you give it a thumbs up and comment on it. The YouTubes likes it when you engage with the video. Until next time!

Maddie Mai

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