Say "Thank You," Not "Sorry"

What's up everyone? It's your boy, Danny Kaye, and I've got a rad new video for you guys to watch! It's all about what to say after you've messed up. Look, we all make mistakes. I mean, come on, I'm the most awesome and even I make mistakes! Can you imagine, a sweet little kitty messing up? I know! It's really hard to imagine, but even your boy, Danny Kaye, makes mistakes here and there. But in this video, we see that sometimes sorry doesn't mean as much. You see, we say sorry ALL THE TIME. And when you say something all the time, it looses it's meaning, and so, that's when you saying "Thank You" instead and fix it. I mean, if you messed up, you made someone else upset, and so you thank THEM for being awesome and then you fix it. Easy peezy lemon squeezy! I got this awesome idea for this video from this neat blog post/comic that Lucas showed me on So, wait, Pandas get bored? Watch my video to see more... it's pretty funny and awesome! And read the article/see the comic here:

Oh, and we have some REALLY neat news... we were just featured on Blog Feedspot as one of the top 75 puppet blogs!! It's pretty neat, and I'm kinda sure that it's all because of my awesome contributions. HA! You can check out all of the best puppet blogs here: Catch ya later dudes!

Danny Kaye

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