Getting Snooty with Lucas: Rodgers and Hart

Well, hello there friendz!

It's me Lucas, the Dachshund! And I have a new segment to introduce to all of my friendz! It's called "Getting Snooty with Lucas!" In this segment, I show all of you the things that snooty people like, like old books, plays, music, dance, art, and anything else I can think of. This time, I was fortunate enough to have my new friend Zoe Dongas, a High Schooler from St. Cecelia Academy. She has the most BEAUTIFUL voice... like an angel! You simply must hear her sing "Falling in Love with Love," written by Rodgers and Hart for their hit musical of the 1930's, The Boys from Syracuse. It is quite the "snooty" song, but I happen to love it, and I am excited to share it with all of my friendz! Please enjoy, and if you haven't already, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more educational and fun videos like this one:

Thank you all so much again for tuning into us this week! We love making videos for you all! We also love performing for you as well! Make sure to tell your local library, school, or church how much you love us so that we can come and visit you all in person! OR maybe you have a special day coming up... like a birthday? We can sing and dance and play with you at your party as well.



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