How to Make a Puggle-Sicle!

Why Hello Everyone!

It's me, Maddie Mai, the Puggle! And do I have a treat for you! Imma teach you all how to make a Puggle-Sicle! What's that? You've never heard of a Puggle-Sicle? Well, it's really easy to make, watch this video of me making one, and you'll see just how easy:

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What You Will Need (to make enough for you and your friends):

2 Kiwis

1 Cup of Strawberries

1 Cup of Blackberries

1 Cup of Raspberries


1. Get a grown up to cut the Kiwis and the Strawberries down so that they fit in the blender.

2. Help your grown up blend one of the fruits.

3. Carefully pour that one fruit into the bottom of your ice pop tray.

4. Repeat for the rest of the fruit, making sure to wash your blender out in between each fruit.

5. Freeze for 45 min (but Mizz KT made me wait longer)

6. Take the Puggle-Sicles out of the freezer and make sure that the sticky handle thingy doesn't come out all on it's own (and if it's doesn't, that means that it's frozen!)

7. Put the tray in hot water to help the Puggle-sicle wiggle free.

8. EAT IT!!

These Puggle-Sicles are delicious AND nutritious. Did you know that you're supposed to eat a rainbow? You are! That means that everyday, you need to eat ALL of the colors of the rainbow. Like you should eat:

Red Strawberries

Orange Carrots

Yellow Bananas

Green Spinach

Blue Blueberries

and Purple Eggplant

The more colorful your plate is, the more healthy and nutritious it is! And that's what we all want, to be healthy, right? We all want to grow up big and strong and smart. Me? I'm gonna grow up to run Marathon Races and be so smart that Imma go to Yale, and study all about food! But I gotta work hard for it.

Hey, we're still getting lots of play on Make sure to tune in to show them some love, as they've shown us LOTS!

Alright, Imma finish these Puggle-Sicles! Until next time!

Maddie Mai

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