How to Do the Bunny Hop

Well hello friendz! It's yo boy, Danny, the Cat! And I'm so excited because this weekend is EASTER! And when Easter happens, the Easter Bunny comes and lays eggs. Although, I think it's kinda weird. Aren't chickens supposed to lay eggs? Bunny are NOT chickens. So... Bunny's aren't supposed to lay eggs? I think Mizz KT has it all wrong. But hey, what do I know, I'm just a cat! ANYWAYS, there is one thing that I DO know. That I'm gonna be dancing this Easter, to the "Bunny Hop." What's that you say? You don't know the "Bunny Hop" dance? Well, I've got a video here to teach you how! And hey, seriously, you need to subscribe to our YouTube Channel... we post awesome videos EVERY WEEK:

Also, we are starting to be played on! Dudes, MY song "Spelling Star" has already played twice! You need to go to their site, and request us more. Something else really awesome that just happened is our new collaboration is Bond Edutainment! It's super awesome because we're teaming up with them to book more shows and get more people knowing about us! You can check them out at Catch you on the flip side!

Danny Kaye

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