Happy Groundhog's Day!

Hello Everybody,

It's Maddie Mai, and I just went on an adventure! Lucas, Danny, Mizz KT, and I made a road trip up to Punxsutawney, PA to see Phil the Groundhog who predicts the weather! Do you all know about the legend of the Groundhog? Well, I'll tell you! A long long long long time ago, people did not have-a the IPhone or Weather Channel to know about when spring was coming, and so they watched on one day, Feburary 2nd, to see if a Groundhog would see his shadow if he came out. And if he sees his shadow then, it's six more weeks of winter, but if he doesn't see his shadow, then spring is right around the corner! Watch our video to see what Punxsutawney Phil says! Also, subscribe to our YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/ And if you want to be the first to hear about our wonderful adventures, then subscribe to our email list here: http://eepurl.com/bB6t4z

Also, if you haven't downloaded our album, you need to do it! It's still on Bandcamp.com for just $1 for the whole album! We will release the rest of the album digitally and on CDs by the end of Feburary. You can buy our album here: https://mizzktandfriendz.bandcamp.com/releases

Thank you again for playing with me, and watching my videos!

I love you soooooooo much!

Maddie Mai

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