How To Not Get Sick... Puggle Style

Well hello everybody!

It's me, Maddie, the Puggle. I hope that everyone is having a really REALLY good New Year so far. It's been kinda stinky pies at our house, though. Everyone is sick. Mizz KT is couging, Lucas is sneezing, and Danny is too tired to run around the house like a crazy kitty! But me? I'm healthy! I didn't catch the cold. Do you want to know my secret? Watch this video! And subscribe to our YouTube Channel... you won't be sorry!

Hopefully, everyone will be better by this weekend because it's finally here! We have our debut shows at the Downtown Nashville Children's Library! YAAAAAAAAY! This weekend, we will be there Friday and Saturday at 10:00 and 11:30. Be there or be square. Although, I don't know why being a square is a bad thing... Never got that saying- haha!

Also, be on the lookout! Our debut album, called Move It and Shake It will be digitally released (that means just on the internets) January 26th! YAAAAAAY! I'm doing my happy puggle dance right now!

Alright everyone, stay healthy and stay happy... and hug a puggle while you're at it!


Maddie Mai

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