Our Debut Album!!

Hello Friendz!

It's Mizz KT here, and I am excited to announce the soft digital release of our debut album, Move It and Shake It! We have been hard at work on this album, as we have written, produced, recorded, and tracked the entire thing!! We had some help mixing and mastering from the very beautiful and talented Jennifer Bruce (who has her own music deal at DejaNu music, check it out here: dejanumusic.com)

Now, I know you're all asking, "Mizz KT, where can I buy this incredible album?" Well, friends, for the month of Feburary, the album is only $1 at Bandcamp.com, here is the link: https://mizzktandfriendz.bandcamp.com/releases

The puppies and kitty were so excited about our new album, that they started dreaming up what our album cover would look like... the results are pretty hilarious, and are in our newest video! Also, in our video is our title song, "Move It and Shake It." If you haven't subscribed to our YouTube Channel, you can do it at this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/ Also, be sure to subscribe to our email list here: http://eepurl.com/bB6t4z

We have one more show at the Nashville Downtown Library for now... and THEN we're off to book more shows for the spring and summer. Email us if you'd like to see our zaniness at your school, library, or any other fun function at mizzktandfriendz@gmail.com.

As always, we are all so thankful to have all of you in our lives and we appreciate each and everyone of you!


Mizz KT

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