Molding a Generation of "Light Shiners"

Hello Friends!

I gave the puppies and the kitty the day off for a couple of reason. 1. They're excitedly preparing for Thanksgiving day tomorrow! 2. I wanted to talk to everyone for a change.

For those of you who don't know me, my name Mizz KT, and I am the girl behind the puppets. I started off touring with a Children's Theater and thought nothing of it. I was just doing it to get some stage experience and pay the bills. Then, I started songwriting and teaching preschool at the same time. I loved writing my own songs, but found that poplar children's music wasn't what it used to be. Where were the Raffi's and Shari Lewis's of this generation? And more importantly, why wasn't there any fun dance music that parents didn't hate? Why in the world did the big artists for children's music, talk down to kids? They're smart enough as it is! Don't talk down to kids... just talk to them.

Through these questions, I found my mission. My mission in this life is to mold a generation of little light shiners. We all have a light inside of us that we must protect, nourish, and shine onto others. The only way that I know how to shine my light brighter, is by molding this next generation to create with me! I truly believe that all the world IS a stage, but we need to invite our younger friends up there to play with us. Another part of my grand scheme of molding this generation, is my performing arts studio, Setting the Stage Studio. Located in the Nashville area, my grown up friends and I teach dance, music, and theater. You can see our site here:

I'm sure that the puppies and kitty told you, but we're hard at work on the newest album, which is set to come out January of 2016. I am STOKED about this album, as Maddie, Lucas, Danny, and I have written, produced, and performed the ENTIRE thing! The lovely Jennifer Bruce is mixing and mastering the album as we speak. In fact, here is a picture of her hard work:

I would adore some feedback on the videos that we've been posting. Or just tell me what you would like to see next from Maddie, Lucas, Danny... or myself. What was that? You haven't seen any of the rest of our videos? Oh, do yourself a favor and watch them all now:

Take some time this holiday season to be with your loved ones, eat some delicious food, and in the words of Danny Kay, "Be awesome!" Not to be outdone by Maddie, Lucas, and Danny, I made my own pre-gaming Thanksgiving video, singing about one of my favorite foods, from one of my personal and professional heroes, Cookie Monster:

Happy Turkey Day and Lot of Hugs and kisses,

Mizz KT

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