Can Lucas Learn the Whip/Nae Nae?

Now watch me...

What's up everyone? It's your boy Danny Kaye! I hope that you all had the most awesome Halloween ever! I know that I did! What did you dress up as? Well, now I need to find a way to work off those sugar bugs that my trick or treating candy gave me. And the most fun-est and best-est way to get your heart pumping is dancing. Well... as I was doing the coolest new dance, Lucas joined me. Now... Lucas does NOT know how to do the newest dances! BUT lucky for him, I'm really good at three things: Cuddling, Fighting the Monster in the Sink, and Teaching My Friends How to Dance!! We even got the whole thing on video, and you should watch it here:

If you didn't know, our new album is set to drop January 2016! Are you excited? I know that we are! Stay tuned for more funny videos, and as always I love you! Your best friend,

Danny Kaye

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