Maddie and Lucas Perform "Chandelier"

Hi Everyone! Lucas and I just made an amazing music video. You see, I was warming up my singing voice for our new album, and Lucas wanted to dance with me! Then, he spent a long time getting ready! Luckily, my voice sounded BEAUTIFUL... as always. You can see the video right here:

Hey, tell you friends to watch our videos! We got lots more coming! I wanna sing some Tay Tay Swift or Ms. Beyooooooonce! And I know Lucas loves his jazz and musical theater songs. And Danny thinks that he's the next Jay-Z with all his rapping. My family is funny! Well... there's some pumpkins with my name on them. I'm gonna make them into some pumpkin pies and eat them ALL!!! I love you,

Maddie Mai

#Maddie #puggle #dog #chandeleir #lucas #dauchsund #SIA

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