School, Library, and Church Shows:


We have well-priced puppet shows that are fun and educational for the whole family.  Any and all of these shows can be modified to your needs.  


We also take special requests for puppet shows:

1. The Three Little Pigs, a 1980's Rock Opera

A Show for Building a Better World


Join Maddie, Lucas, and Danny as they transform into the Three Little Pigs that will teach children about the basics of building and the basics of being a good person.  It features the songs: "Beat It," "Safety Dance," "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," "Nine to Five," "Open Your Heart," "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now," and more!  Fun for both young and the young at heart!


2. Move It and Shake It

A Show about Fitness and Nutrition

A great show to get everyone out of their seats and moving around.  Join Maddie, Lucas, Danny, and Mizz KT and they learn about the importance and fun of taking care of our bodies.  You'll be dancing and moving to classic songs like "The Hokey Pokey" and "Tootie-Tah" to new and fun hits like "Move It and Shake It."  Students will also learn about proper nutrition and how else to take care of our bodies.  


3. Counting Down to a Good Time

A Show about Math

The name of the game is numbers!  Learn all about basic math concepts while having the time of your life!  Students will practice counting, basic addition and subtraction, and some geometry/patterns.  Students will love to count change with Maddie, Lucas, and Danny with their hit hip hop song "Coin."  And since we believe that we learn the best while moving, students will dance and move while learning all of these concepts.  


4. Words, Words, Words

A Show about Reading

The alphabet, reading, and different types of words.  A great show that can be adapted for any age group.  Through song and dance, students will learn the basic concepts of the English language that will help with literacy skills.  Maddie, Lucas, and Danny also help students write their very own story that they will love for a lifetime!


5. Budding Artist

A Show about Visual and Performing Arts, including Music and Creative Movement

Join Maddie, Lucas, Danny, and Mizz KT as they take their Friendz through the wonderful world of art.  Students will make Music with Maddie (with actual instruments), Draw with Lucas, and Dance with Danny (where students will learn both structured and unstructured movement). This fun overview of every facet of art will spark students' imagination and be a great jumping board for any budding artist.


6. Growing Up is Hard to Do

A Show about Personal Safety and Making Good Choices

Sharing, getting hurt, and making responsible choices- growing up is hard to do.  But it's so much fun when you've got your friends by your side to help you through.  Learn about what to do when you have bad days and how to stay happy.  Students will learn life skills in this class that will follow them all the way through adulthood.  


For more information on booking a show please call us at (615) 348-7877 or email us at!