Puppet Workshops and Classes:

We are firm believers in interactive shows, and so we have puppet workshops and classes for every age group.  Because as a wise lady once said, "Everybody LOVES a puppet!"  


1. On Site Puppet Workshop

For ANY body, ANY where!

In collaboration with Setting the Stage Performing Arts Studio, Mizz KT and Friendz will come to your school, library, church, or any other location to teach your group how to make all kinds of puppets and bring them to life!  Watch as the students of your class gain the confidence and the savvy to tell stories and express their thoughts through the magic of puppetry.  A great workshop for kids, teachers, and friendz with special needs.    


2. Puppet/ Performing Arts Classes

Come to our home, for a special treat!

Come to our home studio in Brentwood, TN to have an experience, where you're in the show!  Setting the Stage Performing Arts Studio has great summer camps and classes in puppetry for our young ones.  Visit our website: http://www.settingthestagenashville.com to register!


But why TEACH puppetry?  Well... we're so glad that you asked:

According to the Jean Piaget theory (http://www.simplypsychology.org/piaget), puppetry play helps young children develop creative and cognitive skills by forcing them to use their imaginations.  They make up the roles, the rules, the situations, and the solutions.  It is through imaginative play that children come to understand the differences between fantasy and reality.  The real world becomes more real to children who have opportunities to pretend.  


Any puppet can encourage the quietest of children to start talking.  Puppets can break down barriers and provide an effective means to initiate communication.  The young child trusts the puppet and doesn't feel threatened by it, making it a perfect neutral medium through which they can discuss sensitive issues.  The child can express thoughts, fears, and feelings through the puppet that they might otherwise find difficult to voice to an adult.  


Puppets can assist young children with special emotional needs.  They can motivate and support children with difficulties in communication and interaction.  They can help to develop their social and motor skills, and can meet the visual, tactical, and emotional needs of the emotional child.  Large human puppets with glove hands and fingers can be used in conjunction with the different varieties of singing, adding a further dimension in helping children with both hearing difficulties and learning disabilities.  

To book a puppet workshop, please email us at mizzktandfriendz@gmail.com or call us at (615) 348-7877.