Interact with Mizz KT and Dr. Li from your own home!

Come to our special Circle Time and Dance Classes to see Maddie, Lucas, Danny, and Mizz KT in your living room!  

Through the online learning platform:


Ages 5-9: With the help of her new best friend and science teacher, Dr. Li, Mizz KT and all of her puppet friends will show how art is in science and math and how math and science is in art!  Starting with our smash hit "Music is Everywhere," your child will learn about music and the science of sound!

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Rock and Roll Circle Time

Ages 2.5-6: Sing, dance, and play while learning the days of the week, months of the year, basic phonics and alphabet skills, numbers and basic math skills, life skills, and get a new story and some exercise every week with Mizz KT, her keytar, and hilarious puppets!​

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Hip Hop Heroes: Dance and Be Awesome!

Ages 3-6: Join Mizz KT on a fun-filled journey through Hip Hop Dance, and most importantly being a SUPERHERO!  Watch your student develop gross motor skills and coordination as they top rock, rock step, and funkify their way to a more confident and happy kid!  Students will learn the basics of hip-hop, including hip-hop steps and basic breakdancing moves, and get a life lesson each day about how they can use their superpowers to make the world a better place while dancing to their favorite tunes!


Broadway Babies: Pre-K Ballet and Tap

Ages 3-6: Marvel as your little one learns foreign language skills, gross motor skills, and discipline while dancing to their favorite songs!  Delight in their joy as they twirl and tap their way through class!


Princess Lessons: Dance, Voice, Ettiquite, and History

Ages 3-6: Imagine your child twirling across the floor belting out her favorite princess songs all while learning history and language!  In Princess Lessons, your child will learn the basics of ballet and voice while learning about the history and language of each princess.  She will learn everything from "Guten Morgen" or how Belle says "Bonjour" to "Ni Hao" or how Mulan says "Hello."  They will see how the people actually lived through pictures of clothing and food!

Balloon Themed Cute Happy Birthday Card